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SAP Hybris SEO – Interio

Search Engine Optimisation of an e-commerce website


In December 2015, an e-commerce furniture shop Interio approached to conduct an audit of the website, links and create a growth plan for organic search.

Following the audit we identified the following challenges:

  • High fluctuations of rankings and important categories not being in the focus of SEO
  • Incomplete indexation of the website
  • Images  blocked and not optimised for search engines
  • Technical issues, e.g. subdomains incorrectly redirected (302), page template issues, Incorrect hreflang settings
  • Content not optimised for search (e.g. duplicated and too long Page Titles, lack of unique and keyword rich texts)
  • Products constantly taken on/off line, which is causing further SEO issues and prevents product pages from longevity of strong rankings
  • Seasonal pages are annually created and removed


Created an SEO roadmap and carried out implementation work, to include:

  • SEO Automation – Implemented automated rules for product pages to ensure that all products automatically have their Page Title, Meta Description, Heading 1 and Image texts optimised. Now we can say that 21’700 unique products are indexed and optimised for SEO, including their images.
  • From content optimisation to content marketing – On top of the automated optimisation and following a keyword research we optimised on-page content beginning with an insertion of target keywords for a few thousand of the most important products. This was followed by a manual optimisation of meta data for categories and products and more recently focusing on new content creation.
  • Website Housekeeping – Page templates were optimised, to include the category, subcategory and product pages. Where possible pages also received structured data for products, pagination and breadcrumbs to improve the product & category listings. There were a number of smaller tasks were bundled and delivered as part of the task to tidy up the website, e.g. Information Architecture of the website or implementation of an automated 404 rule for unavailable products to reduce amount of incorrect pages being indexed.
  • Indexation – All of the main indexation issues were resolved (i.e. sitemap corrections for both languages FR & DE, including products and categories) and blocking of Images lifted.
  • Seasonal pages – implemented a process whereby a portion of seasonal content is maintained to help achieving stronger rankings during the following season.
  • Teamwork – SEO is also about teamwork, at Interio it was important that all teams, including developers, e-commerce, marketing work together to help improve the SEO results. We shared knowledge by providing content, tools and workshops in areas of SEO, content marketing, link building to improve the internal knowledge of SEO, make employees more sensitive to the common SEO issues. This also empowered a number of staff to directly complete SEO tasks.

Results and outlook

  • Headline figures:
    • YoY growth of organic traffic by 37% and growth has been accelerating (54% in Nov), despite the intensive investment in Adwords.
    • 36% YoY increase in organic traffic to category level pages
    • 21% YoY increase in organic traffic to product pages
  • The first part of the project, was about the foundations as it was dedicated to resolving some of the most basic issues (i.e. indexation, template issues). As we were waiting for the releases we concentrated on content. Afterwards we shifted our focus to content and link building, which clearly delivered some of the generic visibility in the following months.
  • Content & links – In the coming months we’ll intensify our content creation and optimisation efforts, to include all various content types, from product through to categories and inspirational content for the blog. In addition we also are driving the link building initiative to improve the relevancy of links and volume.
  • Closer collaboration across teams, including marketing and purchasing to ensure that more content is created and new content is well embedded into other marketing initiatives at Interio.
  • Website roadmap – We also keep a close eye on the development roadmap to ensure that organic visibility is taken into account. In the upcoming months we’ll see further improvements to the site structure.
  • Still room to grow! We still see a lot of potential, particularly in new content areas, French language and some currently untapped generic keywords.