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Who are Interio?

Interio are an online e-commerce furniture store, selling items such as comfortable sofas and beautiful lighting and everything in between.

The challenge

Interior approached us looking for an audit of their website and links, and to create a growth plan for organic search.

After conducting the audit, we identified many challenges. This included:

  • High fluctuations of search rankings and important categories not being the focus of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Incomplete indexation of the website
  • Images blocked and not optimized for search engines
  • Various technical issues, such as subdomains incorrectly redirected (302), page template issues and incorrect hreflang settings
  • Content not optimised for search (search as page titles too long and duplicated content and a lack of unique and keyword rich texts)
  • Products constantly taken offline / online, resulting in further SEO issues and hindering product pages from longevity of strong rankings
  • Seasonal pages annually created and removed

What we did

We conducted an SEO roadmap and began to fix the issues that were found from the audit.

We implemented automated rules for product pages to ensure all pages were fully optimised, resulting in 21’700 unique products fully indexed and optimised for SEO, including images and keyword research for all products.

We optimised on page content by inserting target keywords for a few thousand of  the most important products, followed by a manual on-page optimisation of meta data for categories and products.

Page templates were optimised to include the category, subcategory and product pages, and where possible, pages received structured data for products, pagination and breadcrumbs to improve the product and category listing.

We resolved all of the main indexation issues and blocking of images was listed, and we implemented a process for seasonal content, to ensure it achieved stronger rankings for the following season.

Finally, we understand that SEO is about teamwork, and it was important that all teams including developers, e-commerce and marketing worked together to improve the SEO results. We shared our knowledge through content, tools and workshops in areas of SEO, content marketing and link building, to improve internal knowledge, and to empower staff to directly complete SEO tasks.


37 %

YoY organic traffic growth

36 %

YoY organic traffic increase to category level pages

21 %

YoY increase in organic traffic to product pages

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