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App development – KENDRIS

FATCA/CRS compliance app


  • Create app to provide reliable source of CRS/FATCA information, accessible globally
  • Dynamic and automated sign-up process
  • App functioning across various devices / operating systems
  • Quick turnaround and simple solution


“Collaborating with what digital, and I think we can talk for the whole team, was very easy.  … any misunderstandings were always dealt with quickly and in the end, what really counts is the result and the finished product is what we had envisioned and is utilized a lot. That is, for us, a great success.”

Christian Lyk, Partner and Konrad Häutli, Of Counsel (AIA, CRS, FATCA) KENDRIS

Kendris is a leading Swiss Service Provider for family office, trust and fiduciary services, Swiss and international tax and legal advice, accounting, outsourcing and art management.

I would certainly recommend to businesses looking for a partner who is flexible, for example, if a project is not yet entirely defined. is very creative at working out innovative solutions. The team is fast and flexible and has no deadlocked processes...
Christian Lyk, Partner, Member of the Executive Committee, Office Managing Partner Zurich