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Local digital marketing strategy – Cafe Black

Customer acquisition for a new restaurant


Cafe Black approached in the summer 2016 and asked for support during the launch of the revamped, restaurant proposition.

Following a conversation with the owner we identified the following challenges:

  • Website developed on Jimdo builder, which allows the owner to make website changes, but offers limited scope for customisation
  • No organic visibility of the Cafe Black website – meaning we are starting from scratch
  • Low levels of website traffic from other sources
  • Limited content and poor conversion journey on the website
  • Low budget


We took a high-commercial approach to focus our work on driving table bookings, regardless of the channel. Naturally, AdWords comes to mind, but it turned out to be the weakest channel in this case, here’s what we implemented:

  • Website content – The entire site structure had to be updated, to include calls to action and important content (i.e. location, chef, menu, about etc.). Jimdo website builder was in reality more than adequate. We provided a lot of content recommendations that were then easily implemented by the owner.
  • Credibility aspect – Driving traffic wasn’t enough, in order for guests to book a table we needed to work on Cafe Black’s online credibility. This means driving reviews on Tripadvisor and implementing an easy, online booking process (i.e. Bookatable). These type of aggregator websites also achieve high rankings on Google, therefore they play an important part in the overall online visibility.
  • SEO  – New content was optimised for SEO, we focused on getting the basics implemented, i.e. page titles, meta data, H1s and page text optimisation. Thanks to these changes Cafe Black immediately gained free visibility for some of the important, niche keywords (e.g. italian restaurant in Seefeld). This content and optimisation was delivered in German, which is the main language of the potential customers.
  • Google Maps & Google My Business – correct setup and complete profile is a must to build credibility and gain extra visibility on Google.
  • AdWords – We set up an AdWords campaign to drive bookings, unfortunately, despite a granular campaign structure, the traffic turned out to be more expensive than expected and we were not able to attribute any bookings. After one week of activity we, restructured the campaign to only focus on the highly defined local phrases, which deliver a few highly targeted clicks / week.
  • Social media – Our conversion and traffic generation efforts were supported by owner’s activity on social media sites, mostly Facebook & Instagram. We found that Twitter was very small in terms of volume in Switzerland.


Results and outlook

  • 6’651 impressions and 250 organic clicks per month, still growing with the amount of new content
  • Regularly reaching 2’000 new prospects  / month with AdWords in the target locations in Zurich or searching for a restaurant in the proximity of Cafe Black
  • Prominent placement of Cafe Black in local directories, which indirectly leads to visibility on Page 1 of Google
  • Cafe Black has now a great, scalable set up for the future. This online strategy enables the owner to gradually increase the numbers of guests and provided that their are happy with their visit to the Cafe their positive experience and reviews will further strengthen online visibility & conversion rate.