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Co-Report - Platform development
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Who are Apiax?

APIAX is changing the way banks handle regulation. Their invisible backend system surfaces relevant regulations using their smart “rule engine”. This offers cross-border regulation management to help banks and other financial organisations to remain compliant.

The challenge

The very nature of the APIAX system is that it is invisible and designed to operate in the background. We were tasked with showcasing a hidden system in a way that would allow investors and customers to understand the innovative nature of the platform.

What we did

Rising to the challenge, we designed and built an app that would chaperone the visitor through a simple decision tree. The app transforms the rule engine thinking into an interactive guide that showcases the intricacies of the APIAX service. This easily digestible format makes it possible for the user to understand every step in the rule engine process.

The user is taken through a series of questions and the app then transforms the information gathered into a request to APIAX’s systems. This information is then presented in an easily digestible format. This allows client advisors to answer complex regulatory questions on the go, and also provides insight into how the APIAX system functions.



Named Startup of the Year at the Swiss FinTech Awards & has onboarded major financial institutions

6.6 M

funding raised in one seed round. Investors include Peter Kurer, former Chief Legal Officer of UBS

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