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Designing and developing a landing page and product Information System app, based on React & Django

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Who are APG / SGA?

APG/SGA SA, headquartered in Geneva, is one of the world’s ten largest Out of Home advertisers. As a listed company, it is synonymous with quality, reliability and sustainability.

The challenge

APG/SGA was awarded the marketing of all of Zurich Airport’s advertising areas, including all of the analogue and digital advertising spaces at Zurich Airport.

what. worked on building a new landing page and product finder app for APG/SGA, all within a very tight deadline. In fact, we had less than a month between the briefing and the products going live, as after the contract was awarded, APG / SGA had to start selling the ad placements as soon as possible.

To successfully deliver a satisfactory product, the key was to choose the optimal technological stack and tools to deliver a complete, yet customised, solution that could be used to present, manage and reserve products.

What we did

We worked on the backend, using Django, on the frontend, using ReactJS, and on designs, using Zeplin.
For the backend, we migrated and normalised the client’s data from the Excel sheet to the psql database. Additionally, we delivered a management interface for all products using the Django admin panel.

For the frontend, we developed a modern ReactJS application, and implemented product-filtering on the client’s side for a better user experience using Redux state management. Additionally, we delivered a printer-friendly layout of product pages to double as leaflets and thus achieved savings on individual leaflet production.

We delivered a complete design that matched existing company branding, and iterated on design improvements with the client on zeplin.io.
Here are the two products we delivered: the APG landing page and react product information system app.


3 weeks

to get landing page and product information system app live from kick off to the end product

It was a pleasure to work with the what. Team and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking to create or improve their digital presence. They worked fast, efficient but without sacrificing quality. Thank you, what. team.
Alex Hildbrand
Head of Applications

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