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AdWords campaign – Hautarztpraxis Glattbrugg

Google search campaign to increase patient enquiries


  • Hautarztpraxis Glattbrugg is a small dermatology practice located north of Zurich
  • The experienced dermatologist is looking for an additional appointments to better fill his appointment calendar
  • His location is especially attractive to clients who look for a convenient local praxis, without having to travel to Zurich
  • There is potential to expand clientele through an AdWords campaign & greater online visibility
  • The owner does not want to lose sight of patient care. Launching an AdWords campaign requires substantial time and concentrated effort
  • He is committed to providing high quality care to his current clients and needs to be able to adjust the volume of incoming inquiries so that he does not become overbooked
  • He has relatively little knowledge about marketing but would like to quickly promote interest in his new location


  • We audited the site and identified potential areas for growth to enable visitors from our future search campaigns to easily access the most important information and book an appointment
  • To accurately track the success of the campaign, we completed “housekeeping tasks” to ascertain solid live-feed statistics in Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdWords
  • With the goal of delivering immediate results, we launched an AdWords campaign targeting the 5km radius and some core locations near Opfikon & Glattbrugg
  • To prioritise high quality patient care, we created a scalable structure to adjust the volume of incoming inquiries based on availability
  • After 3 months of an AdWords campaign, we continued with SEO and website improvements, including:
    • Introducing localised landing pages to improve user journeys of potential patients coming from outside of the core target region
    • Creating an English version of the site for expatriates living in Opfikon and nearby


  • Complete local visibility, thanks to a smart campaign structure
    • 100% “always on” campaign for patients nearby
    • Secondary campaign for those outside of the 3km radius
  • Better campaign efficiency, in other words better traffic quality for a lowered cost per click
  • The Adwords campaign helped to solve the problem of appointment shortages