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Who are Hautarztpraxis Glattbrugg?

Hautarztpraxis Glattbrugg is a small dermatology practice located north of Zurich

The challenge

The experienced dermatologist was looking for additional appointments to better fill his calendar. His location was especially attractive for clients who look for convenient local practices, without having to travel to Zurich.

There was potential to reach new clientele through a Google Ads campaign and generate greater online visibility. However, the client did not want to lose sight of patient care, and is committed to providing high quality care to his current clients. This meant that he needed to be able to adjust the volume of incoming inquiries so that he didn’t become overbooked.

Launching an AdWords campaign requires substantial time and concentrated effort, and the client had relatively little knowledge about marketing but wanted to quickly promote interest in his new location.

Hautarztpraxis Glattbrugg

What we did

We began by completing an audit of the site to identify potential areas for growth to enable visitors from our future search campaigns to easily access the most important information and book an appointment.

To deliver immediate results, we launched a Google Ads campaign to target the 5km radius and core locations near Opfikon and Glattburg, and created a scalable structure to adjust the volume of inquiries based on availability.

After 3 months of a Google Ads campaign, we continued with SEO and website improvements, including introducing localised landing pages to improve user journeys of potential patients and creating an English version of the site for expatriates.



Complete local visibility thanks to a smart campaign structure


Better campaign efficiency - higher quality traffic for lower cost


Solved the problem of appointment shortages

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