Product Development


Whether you are at the idea stage and need help in validating your approach, or you already have a full grown digital product with users, we are here to help with our expertise.

Combining business savvy with design and development expertise enables us to build great digital products with you.

If you are concerned about creating a minimum viable product with first-class customer experience, and to continuously develop it under real market conditions to find or improve the product/market fit, then our MVP development services are for you.


Combining your market knowledge
with our product building experience


We help you to ask the right questions to decide if and what to build.


We have conceptualized and implemented dozens of fully functioning MVPs that our clients have used to go to market. We will do the same for you.

Product/Market Fit

Continuing the Lean Approach we help you to learn from your customers and evolve your product towards success

Learn more about how to take your idea to market with our product to market fit guide

Our product development services

We help you with the creation of both mobile and web applications. Be it a native Android or iOS App, an Angular or React based Web application, or a whole ecosystem that works together – we have the skills needed to turn your ideas into reality.

To get you from idea to product/market fit and beyond, we offer the following services:

Idea Validation arrow-up

With our experience, we know what questions need to be asked to validate ideas. Together we create and implement a plan to validate your idea.

Prototype Creation arrow-up

To help you validate your idea before any code is written, we create a visual prototype for you that potential users can click through. This way you can demo your idea and start iterating early on.

Product Branding arrow-up

When creating a product we need a visual identity, a brand to build upon. Through our established process we are able to give your idea a fitting, professional and modern look. Our brand will make your idea shine.

MVP Scope Workshop arrow-up

Once you have the confidence that your idea is right we need to define what is built first. At this stage, we bring our expertise and experience in scoping dozens of MVPs to the table. In a structured process, we take your idea and nail down the scope of the first version.

MVP Implementation arrow-up

Together, we design and develop the version of your product that you go to market with. In a tight collaboration, we get things right.

Product Iteration arrow-up

After your product is live we start learning together and through iterations get you to product/market fit.

Growth Hacking Workshop arrow-up

The deliverable from this workshop is a digital marketing plan that will allow you to acquire your first customers in the open market, based on your go to market/product strategy and business plan.

MVP Growth Hacking Sprints arrow-up

It’s expensive and difficult to launch new products and customers are bombarded with advertising. Online marketing is no longer the only answer to achieve results, it requires a solid approach to data & technology. Startups often cannot afford large marketing campaigns and this is where growth hacking comes in.

Our Approach

We take a lean but high-quality approach to developing a minimum viable product. Based on our experiences, we know how to balance making a product that can be implemented quickly, with creating something that your users will love.

We can help you bring your ideas to the market fast and in the right way.

The minimum viable product is an important step in order to get a product to market, whilst building on valuable feedback from your audience, and getting this step right can be challenging. It needs to be small enough so it can be implemented fast, but it needs to be good enough, viable, so your users can love it. We know that balance.
Marcus Kuhn
Head of Product Development

We need to understand before we start running, and so we need to know if an idea actually has the potential to work.

Together, we help you to validate your idea and define the concept for the MVP.

Validation often means to do base research and to go out and talk to prospective customers. Starting with a questionnaire, advancing to clickable prototypes, and finally even testing a design before implementation are all steps we can support you with.


We help you to design and develop your product from A to Z.

Our well-established development process ensures a smooth build of your product, where you can see results early and incorporate your feedback and user feedback as soon as possible.

Our internal standardised set of components means that during the development we are not repeating processes from scratch at each stage, helping to speed up the development process with proven and tested solutions.


We help you to understand what your users are thinking and where to go next. Together, we iterate your product to success.

This means that once the build is finished, we start collecting qualitative and quantitative feedback to see where we go next.

We help you to collect these inputs, as well as making sense of them.

Our Projects

Want to know what we’ve been working on? You can see a sample of our recent projects below.

App development – KENDRIS
App development – KENDRIS
We created an app that helps tax and wealth consultants around the world with FATCA & CRS. The MVP approach allowed quick go-to-market within only two months.

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MVP app development – Stöckli
MVP app development – Stöckli
Stöckli wanted to address the trend towards renting skis. We helped to shape an intuitive and simple way to rent skis online:

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swisspeers Fintech Startup – SEO project
swisspeers Fintech Startup – SEO project
Led the online marketing strategy and implementation to increase awareness and conversions. Today, swisspeers is the leading crowdlending platform in Switzerland.

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Why us?

We have a proven track record of turning ideas into products since 2016. Through our lean product development approach we bring Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to market fast and help ventures grow.

Our Differentiators


We have been helping startups find their place in the market since 2016.


We specialise in startups and product launches with a focus on online sales.

Distrubuted Team

Our distributed team of 30+ professionals ensures that you get the best of the best.

Full Service

Full spectrum of MVP development services, including content production, community building, web development and more.


We have a solid understanding of cross border regulation when marketing regulated products.

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