A new approach of content management systems to manage complexity.

Headless is a solution for enterprise customers that would like to manage the complexity of their websites and projects more efficiently. The main focus of the headless approach is delivering content and storing the data without having to worry where and how it is being shown. Created for the needs of businesses to customise content that can be delivered across multiple channels along the customer journey. The benefit of using a content management system is that you can focus more time on editing content, the cost goes down as there is no hosting service needed and the CMS is backed in the cloud.

Revolutionising content editing for teams

Making it an easier and faster for marketers to collaborate on content editing. Customisation of content in real time is possible across multiple channels with known tools that marketers are already known to using and various users can edit at the same time whilst having access to previous saved editing versions of the website history. Scaling for businesses by being able to edit a single source, the CMS and frontend can use various technology stacks. Offering flexibility in its design, performance and separating the back and front ends across APIs.

Stable future development

Django CMS is funded and backed by a non for profit Swiss association and supported by the global community.

Incredibly versatile

Building complex platforms for companies, organisations and governments.

Global support

Django CMS is built on Django – of the most loved web frameworks

Easy for content editors

Make small and complex layout changes to any of the sections on the pages.

Ridiculously fast & scalable

Helping developers take the concept to execution as fast as possible to meet the heaviest traffic demands.

Reassuringly secure

Secure way to manage websites data, account and passwords. Avoiding any security mistakes such as SQL injections, cross site forgery and clickjacking.

what.’s special


Experienced developers. Expertise in Python, Laravel, PHP and Angular.


Lean method. Lean resourcing model empowers continuous improved performance.


Swiss-based. High quality, product service and Swiss customer interface.


All in one. Concept, content management to design, development, and growth hacking.

“Django CMS offers a modern and technologically sound solution for any website needs. Websites are the heart of businesses. We don’t just build the website, but accelerate business transformation and company growth. “


Mario Colombo,

Founding Partner


What is Headless CMS?

Headless is a backend approach to host data on the cloud without needing a hosting service. There is no contract from a third party service, and front end developers don’t need backed developers.

The process of headless involves taking code from the backend products such as sanity, content fool or story block and connecting with the frontend.  Then JavaScript is used to build the website front end that can consume any information, data, media, content from headless content management systems. The content management system is used for customers that would like to manage complexity better and efficiently.

Is Headless CMS the right solution for you?

Is Headless CMS a product for the future?