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  • We are passionate about Fintech and the opportunities it offers
  • We have a deep knowledge and a proven track record in building and launching Fintech products
  • Our focus is to accelerate the growth of your business
  • We are well connected and contribute to the Fintech ecosystem in Switzerland and globally

How we can help you

Go to market strategy

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to go to market, or looking to make a new acquisition, we’ll do an extensive assessment of where you’re at, and create a development and growth roadmap that will drive you to success.

New product concept

Whether you’re a new startup, a corporate service or an existing business in financial services, if you’re at that new idea stage, or looking to expand on what you already have, we’ll help you with your new product development or MVP concept.


Already up and running but ready to hit the gas and accelerate performance? Whether that’s helping out your existing development team, or really pushing on marketing to generate new leads and customers, we’re ready to get going.

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Why Us

Specialists: A team of Fintech experts in MVP and product development and growth hacking

Lean: Our lean resourcing model means we can get started immediately and efficiently deliver your project

Swiss based: High quality, Swiss customer interface

Connections: Strong connections to the Fintech community with an extensive network of legal advisors, developers and partners

All in one: With development and growth hacking all in one place, we can deliver an extensive strategy that incorporates all elements of success

Our Fintech experts

Luke Szkudlarek

Partner and Digital Strategy Lead

With experience at the two largest UK and international banks, as well as an in-depth knowledge of growth hacking for cryptocurrency and blockchain products, and a deep understanding of cross-border marketing in a regulated environment, Luke will help you attract customers and activate them to use your product.

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Marcus Kuhn

Partner and Head of Product Development

Marcus is a Fintech product owner and advisor, having also designed and developed MVPs for some of the most high profile startups in Switzerland. Marcus has excellent industry contacts and a wide network, and will help you to develop a high performing Fintech MVP, ready for you to go to market.

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Our Team

We have a large team of specialists ready to drive your performance.

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Our Services

Product concept workshop

We’re on hand to help you at all stages of product development, even when it’s just a starting idea. We’ll sit down with you to define the concept, hash out possible issues and risks, and create a viable product development roadmap.


Product design and validation

Our team of expert UX designers will help to bring your idea to life. From branding to app design, design is the first step of the product development cycle. We’ll then get feedback and validation direct from your users, to ensure the product works how users expect.


Lean product development

We have a distributed and lean product development team that is on hand and ready to make your idea a reality. With experts in app and product development, we’ll develop your product, test and refine, so it’s ready to go to market.

Growth hacking assessment

We’ll take a look at the status of your current marketing activities. By taking a deep dive into what you’re doing and what you want to achieve, we’ll gain valuable insights and deliverables to help shape your marketing roadmap.

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Growth hacking implementation

Whether it’s SEO, paid advertising, content or more, our team of growth hacking experts will be on hand to implement and grow your campaign. Whatever your goal, we’ll create a strategy and help lead you to success.

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Fintech Cases

App development – KENDRIS
App development – KENDRIS
We created an app that helps tax and wealth consultants around the world with FATCA & CRS. The MVP approach allowed quick go-to-market within only two months.

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swisspeers Fintech Startup – SEO project
swisspeers Fintech Startup – SEO project
Led the online marketing strategy and implementation to increase awareness and conversions. Today, swisspeers is the leading crowdlending platform in Switzerland.

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ICO campaign – Lykke
ICO campaign – Lykke
Execution of paid media campaigns during the product launch and crowdfunding campaigns.

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