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About Us

We help companies launch products online and grow their digital business. We combine our know-how of online sales with technical and analytical skills. As a result our clients can see the results faster due to simplified communication and benefit from the cost-efficiency of our complete solution.

We work both with startups and established companies. Our typical goal is to grow online sales, launch new products online. We are also often tasked with digital strategy coaching, creation of digital concepts, prototyping and consulting. 

Our approach is lean and agile. We have experience with MVP creation and product launches. We apply this approach to every facet of our business. 

Locations and Resources

We have been operating since 2015. is based in Zürich and has teams based in Poland, UK & Italy.

Our Philosophy

  • Entrepreneurial - We get to know customers’ businesses and grow together
  • User focus - We know the user wins in the end
  • Agility - We prefer creating prototypes to writing specifications
  • No jargon - We do not expect our customers to be digital experts and we favour easy communication zurich - growth hacking and growth marketing

Grow your digital business

Our Mission

Grow clients' businesses by combining our experience with web technologies, analytics and digital marketing