Kamil Tomczak

Senior Frontend Entwickler

Elbing, Polen
English, Polish
8+ years of work experience
MSc in Engineering
Specialized in ReactJS and Angular

Kamil graduated with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and has over eight years of professional experience working in the industry. Kamil has worked with what. since June 2018 as a front-end developer, with one of his main responsibilities being to develop single page applications (SPA) in ReactJS and Angular.



Developing Single Page Applications (SPA) in ReactJS and Angular


Become full stack developer

Continue studying the WebGL technology, a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser

Experience & Education

MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Gdansk University of Technology
4 years of machine design in the Netherlands and Poland
4 years of IT freelancing in the highly competitive global freelancing market
2nd prize at Neo hackathon in Zurich