Elliott White

User Experience (UX) Designer

Jersey, Vereinigtes Königreich
10+ years of design experience
Multi-channel design experience
Web and mobile app design

Elliott has over 10 years of design experience, with the majority of these focusing on UX design. He has obtained the NN Group UX certification which helped him to gain higher level techniques which are part of his workflow on a day-to-day basis. He prides himself on being able to combine his keen eye for typography, iconography and illustration with his UX design knowledge to create beautiful user-centred user interfaces.


Focus on web and mobile app designs, helping to ideate startups’ ideas and design captivating campaign landing pages that deliver results

Web as well as app design

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) design

Illustration and icon design


Continue to apply more high-level UX research methods to his day-to-day design process

Learn more about digital analytics and how data can provide UX insights

Launch more great MVP products and help them to evolve and grow

Experience & Education

B.A. First Class Honours in Graphic Design from the University of East London
NN Group UX Certification