Putting blockchain companies on the map

  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies create a new economy
  • Switzerland with its Crypto Valley has a strong track record of the first blockchain startups launched (including Ethereum and Tezos)
  • Designing and launching a blockchain product requires multidisciplinary skills to navigate and address the blockchain community
  • A strong ‘Go to market’ campaign is essential to stand out and create traction

How we can help you

Product creation

Whether you’ve just got your idea or you’re looking for feedback, our product development specialists will help you to design and create a product that the community loves

Community insight

The blockchain industry is different from all other industries, which means what might work for normal marketing campaigns, won’t work for blockchain. Our experience means we know what will and won’t work, and how to activate the community to succeed

Go to market strategy

We’ll help you to market your product, and look at your strategy and messaging to create buzz around your blockchain product.

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Why Us

Community Insights – As a result of delivering blockchain products since 2016, we’re close to the blockchain and crypto community, and know what works

International focus – We have a global network of connections and partners that enable us to deliver projects on a global scale

Crypto and fintech marketing experience – High quality, Swiss customer interface

Swiss based – With a solid understanding of cross-border regulation when marketing regulated products

Network effect – We have extensive access to Swiss blockchain legal advisors, blockchain developers and partners

Our Blockchain experts

Luke Szkudlarek

Partner and Digital Strategy Lead

With experience at the two largest UK and international banks, as well as an in-depth knowledge of growth hacking for cryptocurrency and blockchain products, and a deep understanding of cross-border marketing in a regulated environment, Luke will help you attract customers and activate them to use your product.

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Marcus Kuhn

Partner and Head of Product Development

Marcus is a Fintech product owner and advisor, having also designed and developed MVPs for some of the most high profile startups in Switzerland. Marcus has excellent industry contacts and a wide network, and will help you to develop a high performing Fintech MVP, ready for you to go to market.

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Kelly Stafford

Head of International Marketing

Kelly has worked with blockchain startups for over two years, helping with the strategy and implementation of their international marketing campaigns. With a deep understanding of the blockchain community Kelly will help to create buzz around your project.

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Our Services

Blockchain MVP design

Our team of UX experts and blockchain specialists will help to design and develop your blockchain MVP, before testing and refining it so that it’s ready to go to market.


Marketing strategy workshop

We’ll take a look at the status of your current marketing activities, before sitting down for a workshop with you to identify the best solution to reach your marketing goals. We’ll provide guidance on the future growth strategy and help decide on the implementation.

Marketing campaign

Whether it’s community management, PR, content creation or more, our team of blockchain and marketing experts will be on hand to implement and grow your campaign. Whatever your goal, we’ll create a strategy and help lead you to success.

Blockchain Cases

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